Latest missing persons news

The police have found the body of Robert Clabon Woodard, an 84-year-old Alzheimer’s patient who disappeared from Brazoria, Texas in 2006. His remains turned up in a wildlife management area less than a mile from his house. This article says the body was found on his son’s birthday. What a birthday present! Mr. Woodard seems to have lead a very full life. He taught sixth grade, and this article says he served in World War II, graduated college (a rare accomplishment for a black man back in that day), farmed, was a church deacon and raised a dozen children, four of them adopted, with his wife. They were married for more than 60 years.

Nine and a half years after his disappearance, Bradley Lee Williams has been declared legally dead. He was 31 when he disappeared from Tampa, Florida. The death declaration allows Bradley’s parents to collect his small life insurance policy. Several young, good-looking gay men (like Bradley) disappeared from the Tampa area over a period of several years and there is some speculation that at least some of the cases may be connected. No hard evidence, though. The article provides details about the other disappearances.

There’s an article about Penelope Madanat, who disappeared from Bossier City, Louisiana in 1991. The article doesn’t say much, but it does mention that Penelope wore braces, something I hadn’t known before. Her husband is considered a suspect in her disappearance, but no charges have been filed against him. He lives in Jordan now, beyond the reach of US authorities.