Select It Sunday: Reuben Bennett Blackwell

Selected by Hannah, all the way back in November. It’s been awhile since I solicited suggestions.

Reuben Bennett Blackwell II‘s case is a profoundly scary family abduction; there’s a very real possibility that the child is dead. He was only three years old when his father, Reuben Sr., abducted him from Clinton, Maryland on May 6, 1996. If he’s still alive, he would be twenty-one.

Little Reuben’s parents were in the process of a divorce and Reuben Sr. had been acting crazy, to the point where, according to the mother, LITTLE Reuben suggested she call the police. He was three years old! Mom did go to the police, and the day Reuben was taken, the police served his father with an order requiring him to move out of the family home. In response he freaked out and fled with his son. A few days later, he sent a letter to his mother describing what his and little Reuben’s funerals should be like.

See what I mean?

To the best of my knowledge, since Reuben Sr. sent that letter there has been NO TRACE of him or his son. Not a single blip on the radar.

The only non-tragic explanation I can think of is that they’ve left the country, but to do that requires a substantial sum of money and a passport, and it would appear that this abduction was spontaneous so chances are Reuben Sr. didn’t have either.

But if they’re dead, where are their bodies?