Dwight Stallings’s mom admits to probation violations but nothing else

Tanisha Edwards, mother of the long-missing baby Dwight Stallings, has pleaded guilty to six counts of violating her probation and could get up to three years in prison. She had been on probation for a weapons charge. It looks like all her probation violations are drug offenses; none of them are related to the extremely suspicious disappearance of her son. Tanisha has told all sorts of stories about what happened to him, and it looks more and more like foul play.

Dwight’s disappearance has gotten coverage locally in Sacramento, California where he disappeared from, but there hasn’t been much on a national level. He does have a family besides Tanisha,: his maternal grandmother, at least one uncle, his father and nine half-siblings, two on his mother’s side and five on his father’s. Unlike Tanisha, the rest of his relatives seem to care about him, but they say they don’t know where he is. Dwight’s father is not a suspect in the case because he in jail in the spring of 2011, which was when Dwight disappeared.

The very similar case of Amir Jennings in South Carolina has gotten far more attention, I think because Amir had a loving family to advocate for him. It doesn’t sound like Dwight had many people who cared about him, except his grandmother. Those two cases have a lot of features in common with Qua’mere Rogers: all of them black male babies/toddlers last seen in the care of a parent who never reported them missing and has provided multiple unsatisfactory explanations for their disappearance.

A fourth child whose disappearance fit all those criteria, four-year-old Jadon Higganbothan, was found dead last year. One of his accused killers — his mother’s boyfriend — just pleaded guilty. The other five who were allegedly involved, Jadon’s mother among them, haven’t had their cases concluded yet. Unfortunately I don’t have any reason to believe Qua’mere, Dwight and Amir’s disappearances will turn out any differently than Jadon’s did.

As for Tanisha Edwards, they’re still trying to get her to tell the truth about what happened to her little son. The latest idea is to take her to dependency court and order her to speak. But I highly doubt that’s going to work. If Tanisha did what I think she did, she has nothing to gain by admitting it and a great deal to lose.

Damion Davis gets the max for rape

Damion Davis has been sentenced to one-and-a-third to four years in prison for third-degree rape of Qua’mere Rogers‘s mother. (That’s the same sentence he got for attacking another woman with a metal pick in an unrelated case; he’s doing time for that right now. The rape sentence will be consecutive to the assault sentence.) Qua’mere’s mom was sixteen years old when she had him. For a long time Davis was presumed to be the child’s father, but it turns out he wasn’t. In any case, Qua’mere’s mother went back to her family and left Qua’mere in Davis’s so-called “care” the year after his birth.

I’ve written about this case several times before; it’s similar to the more recent case of Dwight Stallings. Davis is the prime suspect in Qua’mere’s disappearance, which wasn’t even reported until July 2009, over half a year after he was last seen. He’s told different contradictory stories to explain what happened to Qua’mere, and he’s a pathological liar with many alias names and a long history of extreme violence. In 2008, he stabbed his former roommate in the neck, supposedly because the man had been asking questions about where Qua’mere was. (Davis got seven years in prison for that, another sentence he’s serving at present.)

You can see a film of Davis talking about aliens and conspiracies at his sentencing here. He’s been feigning insanity for the past few months, trying to escape responsibility for his crimes, but the shrinks have called him on it numerous times. He actually missed his entire rape trial because of this, according to this article:

After growling loudly and screaming in the courtroom, Davis was ordered removed from court by Judge Anthony Aloi. The judge decided the trial would go on without Davis in court because Davis had given up his right to be present by his disruptive conduct.

The police have said they think Qua’mere was killed and they may prosecute Davis for murder eventually. They’re still investigating, and biding their time. It’s not like Davis is going to go anywhere.

That poor boy. It seems no one ever loved him in his poor, brutish and short life.

Damion Davis turns down plea deal, goes nutso again

Per this article, when Damion Davis was offered a deal where he would plead guilty to a misdemeanor and get time served instead of standing trial for rape, he “began screaming and ranting wildly in court” about “trauma-based mind control.” Davis, if you’ll recall, is the prime suspect in this disappearance of Qua’Mere Rogers, the little boy who was in his care and thought to be his son (but actually not his son) when he vanished without a trace in November 2008. Repeated psych evals have ruled that Davis is faking his symptoms of mental illness.

In a rare thing for me, I actually like the comments on the article:

“Thankfully, you can’t fake the hair.”


“Only a confirmed racist would blame extraterrestrials. When will we stop discriminating against our little green brothers?”

More news in the Qua’mere Rogers disappearance

I’ve written before about the very strange disappearance of Qua’mere Rogers. His father, Damion Davis, claims he gave the boy away to a strange man sometime in July 2007, but we’ve only got Damion’s word on this and the man is a chronic liar who has lived under a zillion aliases and lied about his age, etc. Qua’mere’s mother was only in her mid-teens when he was born. She said Damion (whom she knew by another name) was very abusive and she left him in 2006, and never saw her son again.

After Qua’mere’s disappearance was finally reported in July 2009, Damion was charged with statutory rape of Qua’mere’s mother. His trial has been postponed just before it was supposed to start, however, since Damion has suddenly begun acting crazy.

Davis began ranting that Aloi, Cali and Smith [the judge, prosecutor and defense attorney] all were among the legions of extraterrestrials who have taken over the world.

He also accused Aloi of being God, claiming the judge and the prosecutor had been visiting him in his jail cell. Any missing children are the result of activity by extraterrestrials, Davis claimed.

“We need to get together as a human race and deal with the extraterrestrials,” he told Aloi.

Davis then went on to claim aliens are using Planned Parenthood facilities in Syracuse to clone babies and implant them in men to give birth. He also claimed he had been kidnapped by aliens, accounting for a 10-year time period when he was missing himself.

Several times, Aloi tried to interrupt, but Davis just continued his rant as he sat at the defense table beside Smith.

I would totally bet money that he’s faking it.

DNA tests performed in September proved that Damion was NOT Qua’mere’s father, after all, although both Damion and the boy’s mother thought he was. That isn’t going to stop the statutory rape prosecution, though.

The police think Qua’mere was probably murdered. There’s an article about his disappearance that ran just before Damion became “crazy.” It has some new information.