Finished Clueless in New England

The author of Clueless in New England attempts to tie the 1946 disappearance of Paula Welden and the 1952 disappearance of Connie Smith with an earlier case, that of Katherine Hull in 1936. Katherine was 22 when she disappeared from Lebanon Springs, New York. Her skeletal remains were found in a nearby wooded area seven years later. There wasn’t much left of her and the police had almost zero evidence to go on, so they closed her case as an accidental death and threw out all her investigation files. But as Dooling points out, it could well have been murder. We’ll never know now.

I’m not at all convinced by his serial killer theory — the many years between the disappearances, and the fact that they occurred hundreds¬†of¬†many miles apart, are hard to get over — but I do think this was an excellent book. It provides a wealth of detail on all three women’s cases, as much detail as you’re going to get at this late date, not only about the disappearances themselves but about the investigations and the way police did things back in the day. I will be updating Paula and Connie’s casefiles with additional information from the book.

Well done, Mr. Dooling.

Now reading Clueless In New England

I am on page 106 of Clueless in New England, a book I mentioned before which covers the disappearances of Paula Welden from Vermont in 1946 and Connie Smith from Connecticut in 1952, as well as other cases. It’s very good so far, and has a new picture of Connie and better quality photos of Paula, all of which I plan to scan and post on Charley.

The book mentions the disappearance of eight-year-old Paul Jepson from Vermont in 1950. I found several articles about it on NewspaperArchive, but unfortunately no pictures. If anyone knows where I can find a picture of the little boy, tell me so I can add him to Charley too.

Another new MP book

I just found out about another book on missing people that was published last year: Clueless in New England: The Unsolved Disappearances of Paula Welden, Connie Smith and Katherine Hull, by Michael C. Dooling. I put in a library request for it, since its publisher did not see fit to send me a surprise free copy.

Katherine Hull is no longer missing; she was found dead seven years after she vanished. The whereabouts of Paula Welden and Connie Smith are still unsolved mysteries, however.