Person connected to 2005 disappearance becomes person of interest in 2010 murder

Robert Dalton Tucksen’s girlfriend, Pamela Kuich. She was last seen on June 19, 2005. The next day, her two-year-old son (Robert’s child), was found abandoned on a church doorstep. They put his photo on the TV news and Robert’s mother recognized him. The little boy was put in foster care.

Robert wasn’t picked up for another three days, however. He was arrested for probation violation and claimed he had no idea that Pamela was missing or that their son had been abandoned. In spite of his extensive criminal record (including charges for assaulting Pamela), the police believed his story because he hadn’t missed any work between the time Pamela vanished and the time of his arrest.

Well, now Robert is a person of interest in the homicide of 21-year-old Zachariah Wright. Zach was stabbed to death in his home in Spanaway, Washington and his house was set on fire. This was on June 13, five years almost to the day from Pamela’s disappearance. At this point Robert is only wanted for questioning and hasn’t been charged with anything. He knows the cops are looking for him and has been trying to avoid them. In fact, he ran from the cops on July 12 and escaped into the woods. I suppose Robert has a right to refuse to talk to the police, but certainly this is suspicious behavior.

No word as to whether the cops are taking another look at him for Pamela’s disappearance.

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