Flashback Friday: Norman Prater

This week’s Flashback Friday is Norman Lamar Prater, aged seventeen, who disappeared from Dallas, Texas in January 1973. At around midnight the night of his disappearance, he went to a diner where his mom worked, accompanied by two other boys and an older man. After grabbing a soda, he said he was headed home. She never saw him again.

There’s some speculation that Norman might have been a victim of the serial killer Dean Corll, aka the Candy Man. The problem with that theory is Norman disappeared from DALLAS, not Houston, which was Corll’s hunting grounds. This could be explained by the fact that Norman used to live in Houston and still visited there on a regular basis. However, I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t a case of a serial killer being discovered and everyone trying to pin every even remotely possible case on him.

If Norman has family or friends out there that come across this blog, I’d love to hear from them. Beyond the Dean Corll angle I know next to nothing about his disappearance.