MPs named Mohammed

They say that Mohammed, if you include all its variations, is the most popular boys’ name in the world. (You’d be hard-pressed to find a Mohammed in a non-Muslim family, though. In fact I’ve never heard of any. If any blog readers know of some non-Muslim Mohammeds, let me know, out of curiosity.) Anyway, for this Monday I thought I’d do all the people on Charley who have the name Mohammed in their name, or any of its spelling variations that I can think of.

Saif Sayed Mohammed Ahmed
Amena Mohammed El Sayed
Mohammed Ata Hakimi
Mohamed-Ali Hilal Jaafar
Jamal Mohammed
Petra Loretta Muhammad
Aesha Amera Muhammed
Mohammad Reza Shirazi
Muhammed Saad Siddiqui

Quite a short list here. Probably because it’s a Muslim name and Muslims are a small minority in the United States — no more than one and a half percent of the population, sez Wikipedia. But I think it was a worthy topic anyway.