YouTube Saturday: four videos

I have:

Phillip Koss:

Robyn Pettinato:

Charles Ulrich:

Shanaz Zakia:

I’m kind of guessing about Shanaz Zakia’s middle name: the fact that it can be misspelled “sahti” plus the rarity of the “th” sound in most languages makes me think it’s pronounced sah-tee and not sath-ee.

Cracked features missing people again

In their recent photoplasty, 23 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Nobody Can Explain, Cracked has talked about Charley Project MPs Garnell Moore, Amy Bradley, Zachary Ramsay, Tara Calico, and of course the Sodder children.

Make-a-List Monday: State Capitals #6

I’m running a bit dry on list ideas at the moment, but I can always continue my “people missing from state capitals” series. See previous lists: one, two, three, four and five. This week I’m doing Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire and New Jersey.

Helena, Montana

  1. Shannon Clair LaBau
  2. John Baptiste Reamer

Lincoln, Nebraska

  1. Marilyn M. Alexander
  2. Regina Marie Boss
  3. Felicia L. Heinen
  4. Eugene F. McGuire

Carson City, Nevada

  1. John A. Randall

Concord, New Hampshire

  1. Shirley Ann McBride
  2. Raul A. Martinez

Trenton, New Jersey

  1. Melissa Diane McGuinn
  2. Danielle Marie Nuttall-Ravert
  3. Antoinette R. Williams

Flashback Friday: Wayne Hickman

This week’s Flashback Friday is Wayne W. Hickman, a 27-year-old who vanished from Missoula, Montana on October 1, 1985, only four days before this writer was born. I don’t have much on him: he was going to hitchhike from Missoula to Superior, a tiny town with a current population of 830 souls, to look at a pickup truck he was thinking of buying. The distance was around 55 miles. It’s unclear whether Hickman ever arrived in Superior, but he apparently never made it back home to Missoula.

Although actual details of his disappearance are lacking, there is a pretty thorough description of his clothing, down to brands and sizes. Hickman also had one unusual feature: he was apparently “pigeon-toed.” That is, his feet turned inward. There are several types of deformity that cause that; I don’t know which kind he had. But that kind of thing could be crucial in identifying Hickman’s remains, if he is in fact dead. NamUs says there are footprints available on record.

If he’s still alive, Wayne Hickman would be 55 years old today. From the meager details in the circumstances of his disappearance, I can’t venture a guess as to whether he met with foul play, had some kind of mishap on the road, or simply walked out of his life.

Did Wayne leave behind a wife? Parents? Children? If anybody who finds this entry knew him or any more details about his disappearance, I’d love if they post in the comments section below.

“Executed” today in history

On this day in 1901, James Brady was lynched in Helena, Montana after his arrest for the kidnap and sexual assault of a little girl. Quite possibly he have been hanged in any case if he had been brought to trial and properly convicted, and certainly I have no sympathy for a serial child molester and possible killer. But lynching is still wrong and I’m glad someone was brought to account for it, even if it was only the jailer.