YouTube Saturday: Five cases

I’ve got:

Monica Cassandra Carrasco:

Tommy Damon Daniels:

Bedriye Sayrun:

James Leon Throneberry:

Wensheng Zheng:

Article about Monica Carrasco

I found this article about sixteen-year-old Monica Carrasco, who’s been missing nearly six years now. The article doesn’t really say much but at least it gets her name back in the news again.

Monica was an absolutely gorgeous girl; in her pictures she looks like a model. It’s not really clear what happened to her. She had recently been released from the hospital where she was treated for depression and anorexia, and she was mad at her mom for some reason so she went to live with her aunt and uncle. She got up and left the house in the middle of the night, wearing only her nightgown, and never came back. Some theorize her medications caused her to become disoriented and that’s why she wandered off, but if so, what happened to her after that? I’m a little surprised her case did not get more publicity than it did, given the mysterious circumstances and Monica’s good looks.

I think she must be dead. Who runs away in only a nightgown?