Squeaked through again

Updates posted at 11:35 p.m. I didn’t have time to write any new cases so I did twenty updated ones. Oh, and a new missing person of the week: Christopher Matthew Kerze, a runaway, missing from Eagan, Minnesota for nearly twenty-three years now.

I have heard that Christopher is still out there and has made some noise, wanting people to close his case and butt out of his life. Well, Christopher, if you ever read this, there’s a very easy way to accomplish this: go to the cops and identify yourself. Then they will close your case. You’re grown up; in fact you’ll be forty in two weeks. The police will not be allowed to tell your parents or anyone else where you’re at. But until they’ve verified who you are and that you’re alive and well, they will continue to look for you.

I do plan to implement the “two missing persons of the week, one for each gender” thing. I just haven’t done it yet.

Spit and slime

I took my computer to my mom’s house with the express intention of shipping it to ASUS for repair. But alas, I cannot do it today. Because ASUS requires that I print and fill out a repair checklist to include with the package, and Mom doesn’t have a printer. Saliva mucusque — spit and slime. (No, I don’t know that much Latin; I picked up the phrase from the lovely children’s novel Matilda Bone.)

Oh, and yes, I know Richard Landers has been found alive and well in Minnesota. Next time I update I’ll resolve him. Probably tomorrow. I haven’t been updating Charley as much as I did pre-vacation, in part cause I’m trying to pace myself to avoid another near burnout.

Missouri and other places

Once in awhile people write to me to ask why I put Missouri on the Southern States list rather than the Midwestern States list. They have a point: Missouri is smack almost dab in the middle of the country, right in line with Kansas and Nebraska, which are listed as midwestern. Looking back, I think it was a mistake to place it where it was, but after seven years, if I change its location I’ll have a bunch of people writing to me to ask where Missouri’s listing went. I shall stick to well-established precedent, no matter how nonsensical it is.

Anyway, the reason why Missouri listed as a southern state is the fact that when I started this site, I was a freshman at a college in Arkansas. Many students came from Missouri. (In fact, I think the majority of the student population was from Arkansas, Texas or Missouri. Though they came from all over — there were one or two that I know of that were from Hawaii, my roommate Vanessa came from Connecticut, and the girls in the room across the hall were from California and Minnesota.) Most of the Missouri students came from the southern part of the state and considered themselves southerners rather than midwesterners. I suppose it was a cultural thing rather than a geographic thing.

This is hardly unique: Minnesota and Maine, for instance, are both as far north as Washington state or Montana, but I’ve never heard anyone call either of them a “northern state.” (In fact, a northern states listing doesn’t exist on Charley.) The Dakotas are in line with Minnesota but I listed them as western — though south Dakota kind of straddles the line in my opinion. I suppose a western state is defined as “both very far north and has lots of mountains.”

If my ex-friend Molly had had her way, Oklahoma would have been listed as a western state, in spite of its position right below the midwestern state of Kansas. She’s from Arkansas herself and claimed that any state that did not secede from the Union during the Civil War was not, technically, a southern state, no matter what its’ geographical location was. This would have knocked Kentucky off the list, and as far as I know most Kentuckyans consider themselves southerners. I’m glad I didn’t listen to her. Meanwhile, my still-a-friend Brad said states like Ohio, Michigan etc., and probably Kentucky too, were not from the Midwest, but rather from the “Old Northwest.” I’m glad I didn’t listen to him either. I doubt many Charley Project readers are all that familiar with, or care about, American geography in the 1700s and early 1800s.

I didn’t place territories in their own section because there aren’t very many of them, the are situated far apart from each other, and all of them (unless I’m mistaken) are situated south of the Mason-Dixon line. Of course, Alaska and Hawaii are in a class by themselves, really, but they are both very far west and not at all close to each other. I mean, we’e got Puerto Rico and the American Virgin Islands, and then the Northern Mariana Islands, which are about as far apart as you can get.

Anyway, that’s the answer to the Missouri question, if any of you are dying to know.

Matthew Albrecht found dead

A thighbone found last December has been identified as Matthew Albrecht, a 26-year-old who’d been missing from Mantako, Minnesota since April 2010. From this article:

When the bone was found, two different searches were launched in the Sleepy Hollow subdivision area — the first in early December of 2010 and the second on May 6, 2011. During the May 6th search, investigators found a pair of tennis shoes, which family members identified as Albrecht’s.

A thorough search of the immediate area where the shoes were found lead to the discovery of additional human bones, partial clothing remnants and a cell phone.

The death is under investigation. It could be an accident, suicide or homicide. It could also, I suppose, be natural causes, although I doubt it. I hope the police have found enough remains to at least establish a cause of death. If one of my loved ones died and the police couldn’t say how or why, I think that would make me feel all the worse.

Rest in peace, Matthew.

Alas, no new leads in Jacob Wetterling case

This past summer there was a lot of activity in the Jacob Wetterling kidnapping case. He was eleven years old when he was abducted at gunpoint by a masked man in 1989, and there’s been no trace of him since. The cops were searching a local property pretty extensively, where a “person of interest” had lived. Everyone hoped for a break in the case.

But it was not to be. This article quotes the police basically saying their search found zilch, nothing, nada. As to whether the person of interest — an elementary school music teacher — is off the hook, no word. Of course he maintains his innocence.

Possible break in Jacob Wetterling case

Eleven-year-old Jacob Wetterling was abducted at gunpoint by a masked man near his St. Joseph, Minnesota home over twenty years ago. The case got a lot of press attention at the time and since, but to all appearances had been gathering dust over the last several years. Now, it looks like there’s a break.

The police are swarming around a farm near Jacob’s home, having obtained a search warrant in his case. Very little information is available, as the police are not disclosing anything, but they seem to be removing furniture and barrels from the property. This article says a reporter called the residence but the woman who answered refused to comment. There’s an aerial photo of the search site.

I am not going to rejoice yet; I have seen too many bursts of activity on cold cases lead to nothing. But this search cannot be anything other than good. It shows that the police are still working on Jacob’s case and that they had enough evidence to get a warrant against someone. Even if they don’t find Jacob or the person who took him, at least they might be able to rule out some suspects and/or theories.

So I send virtual hugs to the Wetterling family and wait.

Jacob Wetterling missing 20 years

Today is the twentieth anniversary of the abduction of eleven-year-old Jacob Wetterling. He was kidnapped at gunpoint by a strange man in front of his brother and a friend, and never seen again. The police don’t seem to have any idea what became of him or who took him, though he is one of the most famous missing children in the country.

Of course there’s a slew of anniversary articles:
Minneapolis Star-Tribune (this is a nice one, focusing on how the abduction affected Jacob’s best friend who saw the whole thing)
Minnesota Public Radio
St. Cloud Times
St. Cloud Times again
USA Today
ABC News
Fox 9 News

Jacob’s abduction reminds me of a lot of cases, namely Jaycee Dugard, Johnny Gosch and Eugene Martin, and the Groene family murders and the abductions of Dylan and Shasta Groene. (I wonder if anyone looked at Joseph Duncan as a suspect in Jacob’s kidnapping? Just a thought.) Whoever kidnapped Jacob was incredibly brazen and brutal. My guess is that the abductor had committed other crimes before — not kidnapping but perhaps assaults, burglaries, maybe some sex crimes. You just don’t wake up one morning and decide to stalk and abduct a child at gunpoint in full view of two witnesses.

Is Jacob still alive? Who knows?

Calling all loons

I just got an email from some nut who thinks he knows exactly how Jacob Wetterling‘s abduction happened by reading Jacob’s “Torah matrix,” whatever that means. It’s worth quoting at length:

In the Torah matrix which is Jacob Wetterling, October,1989, and evening interlock between the names of Jacob and Wetterling. Setting midway and top between names is the word ambush, the word missing is centered between the 2 names. The words abomination, plunder, and corpse all begin at the same place which happens to be the one instance where God’s name shares a letter with a second listing of God’s name. Jacob was not abducted to be force fed pork or remarry a former wife – all spellings of this abomination are related to homosexual things. The word boy intersects the word child which in turn intersects the word Wetterling showing we are speaking of a child named Jacob. The word face-mask is also present and horizontal to between the two names of Jacob.

The word motive is present below the names of Jacob favoring Jacob rather than Wetterling – it is 4 letters. The word coitus is also 4 letters and are on the same line offset to the next letter running the same direction and length. Overlapping those two words is the word craved. (motive=craved coitus). On the right side of the matrix an extremely tight grouping of words are fag, defile, defiling, expert. Pedophile with previous history of abduction/molesting boy(s) (fag/expert) – and the defile words. Intersecting this is the onboard matrix translator’s translated name of perp1.

Other factual words such as captive are present (led away becomes immediately captive), pronouns for the abductor such as whodoneit and examiner, and some others.

Perp2’s name is as perfect a transliteration as I am capable of making. It parallels Jacob running the opposite direction and right next to it – 1skip.

The word crime rests centered atop of the word Jacob and the word four is right in the immediate vicinity.

I do not have the math disciplines to exact the odds of occurrence of all these hits – my simple method had a denominator consisting > 80 zeroes. However just the two names of Jacob yield millions to one odds via the onboard odds estimator – which only goes to millions to one.

There is one thing that is known by the remaining victims, their parents and the police that was leaked out, then disavowed by one of the parents. Crime scene info seems to indicate that that really did take place and it just happens to be a fetish of perp1. The rumor was that the boys were fondled. (lay face down while trying to pick a victim? – disavowment was they were “turned over by the leg”). The matrix has the word ambusher right of the two names of Jacob. The word examine begins at the second letter of ambusher and runs to the right, the word testicles begins at the third letter of ambusher and runs to the left thru Wetterling over to Jacob (examine testicles)(or was it the other way around – I forgot). If this one thing could be truthfully forwarded and fondle was a truism – major point to believability that the matrix is true and complete.

Perp1, 2, and 3 are known pedophiles of boys – perp4 a homosexual but unknown if he too is a pedophile. Perp2 served time shortly after Jacob’s abduction for molesting a boy 15 miles from there.

The Jacob matrix fits the abduction and the theory perps excellently along with fitting the crime scene information better than any single abductor scenario does.

FINALLY: I just discovered this year that the word return or returned also begins at the intersection of god’s 2 names and is 2skip overlaying the 1skip word corpse. The year 2010 is present passing thru the word Jacob. 2010 begins late September 2009 (Hebrew calendar). Several other years are present (2000, 2010, 2016) but perhaps the 2010 passing thru Jacob means his remains will be recovered sometime in Hebrew year 2010.

Now that someone else has this info prior to any further becoming known – when it becomes known, the matrix becomes fact and the thousands of hours I put into finding this was not in vain. God knows everything and He let us know if you are willing to seek it out.

Thousands of hours? Wow.

Daniel Hauser and his mom return on their own

I didn’t write about this before, but I’m sure quite a few of you have heard of Daniel Hauser. He’s 13 years old and has cancer. The doctors think that with chemotherapy he stands a very good chance of surviving. He went through one course of chemo, but then refused any more and the tumors have grown since then. Daniel and his parents said they thought chemo would kill him and they were going to try Native American holistic healing practices instead. (Snort.) He and his mom, Colleen, fled when child protective services got involved to force them to abide by the doctors’ orders.

Anyway, Daniel and his mom have returned voluntarily from Mexico to face the music. It looks like they just didn’t want to hide anymore. At any rate, Colleen promised she’ll do what the court advises for Daniel from now on. I hope she holds to that. I would be a lot more sympathetic if the chemo only stood a small chance of working, or if the doctors said it would only prolong his life but Daniel would die of the cancer in the end. But I expect if that was the case, the family court would not be getting involved. For the Hausers to refuse a treatment that is predicted to be 90% effective, in exchange for doing…well, nothing, is lunacy.

Being an atheist, of course I don’t believe in “faith healing,” nor do I believe in New Age-type treatments. Acupuncture and herbal remedies is about as far as I’m willing to go. I do believe in the right of parents to decide what’s best, medically, for their child (even if their decisions seem dumb to me), and the right of children to have input in their medical decisions once they reach their teens. But I don’t believe those rights should be without qualification. Their freedom ends when the medical condition becomes life-threatening. The protection of life is paramount.

A lot of people, perhaps even the majority, can be awfully stupid when it comes to medical decisions. Like, for example, people with high cholesterol who refuse to take, or stop taking, medications that could prolong their life. And who goes through their full course of antibiotics even after the symptoms disappear, every time? Also people who smoke, when they know perfectly well what the dangers are — I’ve never understood that at all. When Daniel Hauser turns 18, he’s allowed to be as much of a moron as he wants about this. Until then, he should do what the doctors say, because if he doesn’t, he’ll probably never reach 18 at all.

“Brandon’s Law” passed

Remember this post about a possible new law for missing adults? Well, it passed. It’s named in honor of Brandon Swanson, age nineteen, who’s been missing from Marshall, Minnesota for nearly a year now.

The law is supposed to mandate a more uniform response to missing adults by authorities throughout the state of Minnesota, as well as requiring the police to search for missing adults under 21, or those who disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

Additional articles:

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune
The Worthington Daily Globe