As if I don’t have enough pending updates to do already I was looking for possible MP updates on online databases of prison inmates today. (Florida’s is particularly good.) I found one for Genevieve Munoz, an eighteen-year-old high school senior who disappeared from Biloxi, Mississippi June 1994, leaving behind a three-month-old son. In 2009, the father of her baby was convicted of killing her. He was barely eighteen years old at the time, actually slightly younger than Genevieve, but he already had two other kids by another woman.

According to his entry with the Mississippi Department of Corrections, the murderer’s name is spelled Micheal, not Michael as I’d thought. He was sentenced to twenty years in prison, not fifteen as I have in Genevieve’s casefile. And…he’s up for release in 2014. After serving a whopping five years of his twenty-year sentence! He admits he either shot or stabbed that poor girl, the mother of his baby son. He supposedly threw her body away like so much trash.

I hope that “tentative release date” stays “tentative” and he does not, in fact, get paroled in 2014. Twenty years was little enough as it was. Five is a farce.