Article about the Uphoff/Rains-Kracman recovery

I found an article about them finding Jackie Rains-Kracman and Melvin Uphoff. They’re still together. They live in another state. They want privacy, so there’s no more info.

Uphoff’s daughter, who was only three when her dad walked out on the family, “says she doesn’t know what’s worse, finding out her dad was dead or that he abandoned his family and has been living a new life.” Amen to that.

This disgusts me. I hope both of them get slammed with back child support.

Golly gosh, it’s happened again!

According to Project Jason, Melvin Uphoff and Jacquelyn Rains-Kracman have been found safe. They both disappeared about a month apart from the same Nebraska town in 1965. They were both married to other people but seeing each other (although, to be fair, Jackie was separated and getting a divorce) and everyone assumed they had run off together, but no one really knew for sure.

Additional information about their location hasn’t been released and may never be. But I’m enthused that the two lovebirds have been located and their families finally know they are all right. First Everett Ruess and now this; it seems to be the week for ancient case resolves.