Guilty plea in Mary Wilcox case

Jeanne Sevigny, the daughter of Mary Wilcox, has pleaded no contest to manslaughter in her mother’s death. She was sentenced to four to fifteen years in prison.

Mary was 78 when she disappeared in 2006 and she had Alzheimer’s Disease, and everyone thought she had just wandered away from home. No one was the wiser for years, until Jeanne’s son Gregory, who disposed of Mary’s body, told his girlfriend about it and she spilled the beans.

Jeanne claims what actually happened was that Mary tried to commit suicide and Jeanne accidentally shot her while they were wrestling over the gun. However, Gregory’s girlfriend said she doubted Mary was physically capable of the act, and the police and prosecutors believe Jeanne actually killed her mother to get rid of the burden of caring for her. So does the judge. As the prosecutor pointed out, “somebody does not go to these lengths [to cover it up] if someone died in a non criminal type of situation.”

But there isn’t enough evidence to prove murder — no body, no blood — so Jeanne took the manslaughter plea.


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The Burlington Free Press