Mary Moroney

For today one of the new cases I posted was the 81-year-old disappearance of Mary Agnes Moroney, who was kidnapped from her family by a “social worker” in 1930. She was two years old at the time.

I found articles about how the case was “solved” in the 1950s when a young woman from California claimed to be Mary. She had a strong resemblance to Mary’s siblings. An anthropologist claimed he could prove the woman was a Moroney by casts from her teeth, which resembled the other Moroney children’s teeth. I’m pretty sure that’s not possible. Back in 1954, I don’t think there would have been any way to prove whether or not that woman was really Mary Moroney, but these days, with DNA, it shouldn’t be hard at all. I wonder if anyone has considered it.

Mary Moroney’s mother married at 13 and was only 17 when Mary disappeared. I suppose it’s possible, though only just, that she could still be alive. It looks like at least some of her siblings are still alive.