April MP news

Catching up on where I left off, here’s some of the latest missing persons news for this month so far:

A suspect has been charged with murder in the 1976 disappearance of Cynthia May Hernandez. This is almost a new record for the longest time between disappearance and charges and filed in a murder-without-a-body case. Sheila Lyon and Katherine Lyon‘s alleged killers were charged last summer, forty years after their 1975 disappearances. With Cynthia’s alleged killer it’s been only a few months short of forty years.

Colton Clark‘s aunt and uncle (and foster parents), Rex and Rebecca Clark, have been arrested for murder and child abuse in his case. As of yesterday evening, though, formal charges have not been filed against them. Authorities are digging on their property looking for Colton’s body.

They’re checking a well to see if Mark Wendell Wilson, who disappeared from Quincy, California all the way back in 1967, could be in it (or maybe have been in it at one time). The people doing the checking are not cops but students at Cal State Sacramento, and they’re checking the well for traces of Mark’s mitochondrial DNA. I think this is awesome. I highly doubt they’ll find anything but I still think it’s awesome. I was able to find the 2014 article referenced in the aforementioned link, and read it, but it doesn’t really tell anything about the disappearance that I didn’t already know.

They’ve found the body of Kelli Cox, a woman who disappeared in 1997 from Denton, Texas. She’s still on Charley right now but I plan to remove her case in today’s update. William Reece, a convicted kidnapper, lead authorities to Kelli’s remains and the remains of another person, probably Jessica Cain, who disappeared a month after Kelli did.

Sometimes reading the comments section is useful

Reading the comments sections of most articles makes me lose my faith in humanity. But sometimes comments can yield useful nuggets of information. Take this HuffPo article about the Kevin Collins case: A commenter by the name of Paul Montoya posted saying, “My brother’s disappearance in 1975 is still unsolved No milk cartons no Amber alerts just missing….”

Charley’s got a Phillip Alfred Montoya who disappeared in 1975, from Fremont, California, which is only 40 miles from San Francisco where Kevin Collins disappeared. He was 14. I posted a reply to Paul Montoya’s comment asking if this was his brother. I’m hoping he will write back in the affirmative and perhaps supply more info on Phillip’s disappearance, as I don’t have all that much to go on.

Furthermore, a person who replied to Paul Montoya’s comment said his cousin disappeared in 1967 at the age of 11. Charley’s got two eleven-year-olds who vanished that year, Mark Wendell Wilson and William “Billy” Hoag. I’m guessing that if the cousin is one of those, it’s probably Mark, because (A) Mark’s case is a California one, like the one featured in the article, whereas Billy’s is from Missouri and (B) Billy disappeared with two other people and it seems like his cousin would have mentioned that. I asked that commenter for information also. I have NOTHING on Mark.