Anyone know what happened with this case?

Back in 2002, Mariela Karbowski was confessed to the murder of her estranged husband, Karl Karbowski, who frequently went by his middle name, Terry. She said she beat him to death with a toaster — the article I read specified that it was a two-slice one. It’s a rather unusual murder weapon and prompted a few jokes on the internet about the need for better toaster control, people should have to have a license and a 30-day waiting period to buy a toaster, etc. Anyway, although Karl’s body was not found, Mariela was charged with murder.

And then…nothing. I have been unable to find a single article after the ones where Mariela was initially charged. Surely she should have been tried by now, but I can’t find anything about it. Karl is still listed as missing with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

I appeal to you, Charley Project Blog readers, for assistance in this matter. Whatever became of the Toaster Murderer?