MP of the week: Marcie Peterson

Marcie Tokeysha Peterson is this week’s featured missing person. She was 28 when she disappeared from Marietta, Georgia the day before Halloween in 2003. She has at least three tattoos, two of which are of Chinese symbols.

Marcie had run into some personal setbacks and was having (shall we say) some difficulties with several different people prior to her disappearance, and she’d been threatened. In spite of this, however, her sister said she didn’t seem concerned about anything and was trying to put her life back together. It’s possible she traveled to New York after she went missing, but police believe it’s more likely that she came to harm.

I don’t have much on her and as far as I know, no one has been named as a suspect in her case. Essence Magazine, a monthly publication for African-American women, featured Marcie’s case along with several other missing black women about four or five ten years ago, but I can’t find the article now.