Loren Herzog is dead

Loren Herzog, who was convicted of the murders of Chevelle Wheeler, Cynthia Vanderheiden and two others, committed suicide on Monday.

In 2010, Herzog had been paroled and was required to keep curfew, wear a tracking bracelet and live on the grounds of the High Desert State Prison. He had a trailer there and was free to come and go at will during the daytime hours. He hung himself inside outside his trailer. This may have been prompted by a warning that his partner-in-crime, Wesley Shermantine, was planning to disclose the locations of their victims’ bodies.

I doubt many people will mourn him.

More on Loren Herzog

I found this interesting article about soon-to-be-released murderer Loren Herzog, whom I wrote about a little while ago. Herzog’s lawyer claims he was railroaded and is only guilty of being present at the scenes of Wesley Shermantine’s murders and not doing anything to stop him. Prosecutors are calling him a serial killer in his own right. Serial killer or not, he’s going free later this year and there doesn’t seem to be anything anyone can do about that.

Loren Herzog

Loren Herzog, one of two men convicted of killing Chevelle “Chevy” Wheeler in 1985, Cynthia “Cyndi” Vanderheiden in 1998 and one other person, is about to be paroled. His partner in crime, Wesley Shermantine, was sentenced to death and Herzog got 78 years, but most of that was tossed on appeal and he copped a plea to manslaughter instead. 14 years. Well, now those 14 years are up.

Initially is was announced that Herzog would be out on July 25. But the police say there was a “clerical error” in calculating his sentence and he’s not due to be released for “several weeks” more. This is very unfortunate. The man is a monster and suspected serial murderer.

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