Series from the Oklahoman on the Logan Tucker case

I wanted to call the reader’s attention to this excellent (and very sad) special series called Looking for Logan Tucker, about the disappearance and presumed murder of six-year-old Logan Lynn Tucker eighteen years ago at the hands of his sorry excuse for a mother, Katherine Rutan.

Most homicides of children by their parents are unintentional, a situation where the parent is frustrated and unable to cope with child care, loses control and kills the child in a rage. Although there are no witnesses to Logan’s murder and Katherine isn’t talking, his death doesn’t appear to have been one of those kinds of homicides. She thought Logan was a burden to her life, and decided to get rid of him, so she killed him. Period.

She sounds like a stone cold psychopath. There was evidence of disorder in her life long before Logan’s death — she was married four times by her mid-twenties, for example — and she had repeatedly told people that she considered her two sons a burden to her and wanted to get rid of them.

In the final days of Logan’s life, Katherine made increasingly frantic attempts to offload Logan, and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services did plan to take him within the next several days, but Katherine didn’t want to wait that long, I guess.

She is in prison and will probably die there, but continues to maintain her innocence.

Anyway, it’s a great piece of journalism, that series, and I wanted to recommend it to y’all.

Logan Tucker maybe found?

As a Charley Project blog commenter noted, they’ve found bones in Oklahoma that they hope might be the remains of six-year-old Logan Tucker, who’s been missing since 2002 and is presumed murdered by his mother, Katherine Rutan.

Rutan was convicted of her son’s murder in 2007. What is truly remarkable is that the jury deliberated only two hours. That’s an incredibly short period of time for any murder case, and all the more so since for this one there was no body. But Rutan really had no defense to speak of — as far as I can remember the best her lawyer could come up with was the old “reasonable doubt” thing. There was ample evidence that she had been an abusive parent, had been trying to unload Logan for some time (if she had waited one more day, the Oklahoma DHS had agreed to take him off her hands), and tried to cover up his disappearance with a series of lies.

The star witness at that trial was Logan’s brother Justin. Justin said he was in the car with his mom and Logan, who was pale, slumped over and had tape over his mouth and eyes. Then Mom parked at an abandoned house and took Logan and a shovel out of the vehicle, walked out of Justin’s sight, and returned later sans Logan. So perhaps it’s no wonder the jury didn’t take long.

I really hope these bones are his. So far it hasn’t even been established yet that they’re human, though the sheriff thinks they are.