MP of the week: Darius Miniotas

This week’s featured missing person is Darius Miniotas, a 29-year-old who disappeared from┬áCarteret, New Jersey on┬áNovember 19, 1994.

Now, I have nothing on Miniotas’s disappearance, but a look at’s archives turned up a 1989 Asbury Park Press article mentioning a Darius Miniotas of the right age. This Darius was on the crew of a Lithuanian yacht that showed up in Atlantic Highlands. I’m pretty sure it’s the same person; Carteret is a coastal town. I wonder if Darius had moved to the US by the time of his disappearance, or whether he was just here on shore leave.

534 Lithuanian Jews, and a story

From Executed Today, in 1941: 534 Jews, most of the intelligentsia of the Jewish community in Kovno/Kaunas, Lithuania. The story of the group’s capture and execution was recorded by William Mishell (then called Vulik Mishelski), who was a 22-year-old engineer at the time and almost became Victim 535.

Also, this morning I wrote and posted a 2,500-word account of something that happened when I was thirteen years old. I call it Standing Up By Sitting Down. It’s a little bit fictionalized, not much. I don’t think it’s my best writing. I do better writing 100% fiction.