Interview with Florida reporter

A Florida newspaper reporter interviewed me by phone today. She was doing an article about Lisa Mowrey, and in general why some people get a lot of attention when they disappear and some people do not. She was very nice and I think she might quote me or something. She took pains to make sure she had my name spelled correctly (I always appreciate such efforts). I sent her a previous blog entry I wrote on the subject of missing people and media attention.

This has thus far been the highlight of a rather crappy day. I was violently sick earlier. I have hypoglycemia, which usually isn’t a problem, but I often forget to eat for long periods and I sure paid for it today. Groan. My fault.

Lisa Mowrey found dead

Eighteen-year-old Lisa Anne Mowrey, a cosmetology student, disappeared on her way to class in Tampa, Florida on February 6, 2004. Well, last week her skeletal remains were found along Interstate 75 in Florida. The bones were identified today. There’s no indication of a cause of death or foul play or anything at this point; they may never know what happened. A salon smock was found with the remains. Lisa was wearing one the day she disappeared; she probably died within a short time after that.

She was probably the victim of a homicide, simply because she was only eighteen and didn’t have any medical conditions that would cause her to drop to dead. It may be worth noting that she was mentally ill: she had ADD, bipolar disorder and OCD, but those conditions were being controlled with medication.


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