MP of the week: Leanne Hausberg

This week’s featured missing person is Leanne Marie Hausberg, a fourteen-year-old girl who disappeared under mysterious circumstances from Brooklyn, New York on March 18, 1999. She’s been missing now for longer than she’d been alive prior to her disappearance. The late nineties was when I first became interested in missing persons cases, and I remember looking at her poster with a certain interest, in part because at fourteen she was relatively young for a runaway.

For years Leanne was classified as a runaway, but it’s unclear what happened to her and her family believes she came to harm. Beyond that I don’t have much on her. If she’s still alive, she’ll be thirty in August.

Media, finally, in Leanne Hausberg case

Per her sister: there was finally some media attention in Leanne Hausberg‘s disappearance, in the form of this local TV segment. When I first started getting interested in MPs around 1998-1999ish, Leanne’s case — she went missing from New York City on March 18, 1999 — is one of the first ones I connected with. I’ve wondered about her ever since.

Unfortunately, even with the TV thing I still don’t have a lot of info in her disappearance, and neither, it seems, does anyone else. She just seems to have evaporated from the street corner where she was last seen. The police classify her as a runaway, and her family believes she met with foul play, but really there seems to be no evidence pointing to any particular theory in her case.

Leanne Hausberg website

I’ve been Googling cases from the NCMEC of teenagers who’ve been missing a long time and whom I don’t know much about, and found this website about Leanne Hausberg, apparently created by her family. Leanne’s been missing from New York City since 1999, when she was fourteen. Originally classified as a runaway, she’s now in the endangered missing category. She would be 27 years old today. The site doesn’t really say much about her disappearance but does have lots of pictures.