Murder charges in Laura Thompson disappearance

Thanks to the Charley Project blog commenter that alerted me to this story:

They’ve filed murder charges against two men in the 1993 disappearance of Laura Thompson from Pennsylvania. A fifteen-year-old single mother of an infant, she had previously been classified as a runaway and I had nothing on her until today. The break in the case came this past summer when Shannon Marshall, the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Joseph Marshall Jr., came to the cops and said her husband and his friend, Sean McDonough, had killed someone. Shannon was with them when they dug up the body and dismembered it. She didn’t tell for 17 years, until she decided to end her marriage.

Laura was apparently a friend of Joseph and Sean, and was last seen when she went to play cards with them. It sounds like a very sick murder. They stabbed her to death — no motive given — and then had sex with her corpse. I’m assuming they’re looking for the body. I hope it turns up.

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