Kristina Sandoval’s remains found

Kristina Sandoval disappeared from Greeley, Colorado on October 19, 1995. Her husband, John Sandoval, was later convicted of murder, but his conviction got overturned on appeal (something I hadn’t known).

Well, on the eve of his second trial, John took a plea deal and lead the police to her remains. I must say his method of disposal was very clever. Per the article:

The remains of Kristina “Tina” Tournai Sandoval have been exhumed from where he buried her beneath the concrete vault in a grave in Sunset Memorial Park where a World War II veteran was later interred.

I’ve actually said that if I had a choice, that’s how I would dispose of a body.

John is going to have to serve 25 years in prison, and he’s 52 now, so he’ll be an old man when he gets out, if he lives that long. Prison health care being what it is.

I’m just glad Kristina’s family has her back and at least the bastard admitted to what he did, at last. I’ll remove her casefile later.

Sandoval murder live

Per Justin: you can follow the ongoing murder trial of John Sandoval here. He’s accused of killing his estranged wife Kristina, who’s been missing from Colorado since 1995. John has a history of stalking women, and when the police went to speak to him after Kristina disappeared they found him nervous, actively trying to avoid them, his face, neck and chest scratched, his hands dirty, and suspicious items including a muddy shovel in his car.

THREE murder-without-a-body updates today

I think this is the first time this has happened: today I posted breaking news for three separated murder without a body cases. One of them was a few days old, but the other two were like today or yesterday.

All the alleged victims were women and all the accused were their intimate partners. (Why am I not surprised.) Charges have been dropped against the suspect in the Glenda Quisenberry case (her boyfriend) and he’s been released; there isn’t enough evidence. The husbands of Tracey Gardner-Tetso and Kristina Sandoval have been charged with murder. Tracey’s case is a bit of a surprise; though the husband was uncooperative and stuff, the cops hadn’t even called him a suspect before now. I hope justice is served. I hope these women’s bodies are located, too.