Four guys charged in Kristin Spires case

Four men have been charged in connection with the disappearance last spring of Kristin Spires, a 20-year-old from Michigan. It’s a bit weird though. The defendants, named Anthony Walker, Anthony Darnell Rollin, Thomas Vernnon Bennett, and Kepha Yaaqob Stutzman, have been charged as “accessories after the fact” in Kristin’s disappearance. From article:

Police think that Spires is dead and are trying to determine how she died and where her body has been hidden, the Pioneer reported.

The men are accused of being involved in delivering a controlled substance to Spires and assaulting her with intent to commit great bodily harm, according to the Pioneer.

The Pioneer quoted Jaklevic as saing the four delivered cocaine and possibly marijuana to Spires and that the men are charged with hiding her body to hide the crime.

According to the Pioneer, Walker had been sentenced in January to nine months in jail for obstruction of justice, with court records indicating that he was charged for “telling a false story to police in a missing person case, which resulted in police executing two search warrants, a large use of manpower by the Michigan State Police Crime Lab and an invasion of privacy on those who did not need to be searched.”

The accessory after a fact charge carries a sentence to five years in prison.

I also found this video of an interview with Kristin’s family.