Select It Sunday: Kristie Moon

This week’s case was selected (again) by whereaboutsstillunknown of the blog fame. (Yes, I realize I did another case selected by this person recently.) It was suggested way back in September, over six months ago. Kristie vanished without a trace on October 27, 1999, from the little town of Parsons in western Tennessee. She was 26 years old.

Kristie’s boyfriend, Michael Pearcy, said he dropped her off at her mom’s home; it seems she never made it inside, however. We can’t glean any more information from him because he was shot by the police less than a month later. He opened fire on a cop at a traffic stop, injuring his victim; the officer’s partner returned fire and killed Pearcy. Authorities haven’t named him a suspect in Kristie’s disappearance, but at the time of his death he was wanted for questioning in the death of another man. I can’t find anything about the shooting other than a 79-word blurb in The Commercial Appeal, via Newslibrary.

Obviously that doesn’t bode well for Kristie: the last person to see her had known homicidal tendencies. In fact, rumor has it that he boasted he’d killed her and fed her body to the pigs. As far as I know there’s no actual evidence to back this story up. I wish I knew more about her case besides her connection with Pearcy. Her Charley Project profile is only six sentences long as of this writing.

If she’s still alive, Kristie Annette (Baugus) Moon would be 40 today. The same age as my boyfriend, whose birthday is today.