Aw shucks, I couldn’t resist

Having completed my Charley updates today, and not having much else to do, I found myself making more YouTube videos. Even though I promised to do only two a week, I wound up doing six more:
Charles Howard Bolter

Michael James Gaughan

Alexis Geraldo Hernandez

Rebeca Gabriela Nuno

Deborah Ann Quimby

Kristi Lynn Vorak

Flashback Friday: Kristi Vorak

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Kristi Lynn Vorak, who disappeared from Tacoma, Washington only ten days after her thirteenth birthday, on Halloween in 1982. In other words, 32 years ago today. She was living with a foster family at the time.

Kristi has long been considered a possible victim of Gary Leon Ridgway, the Green River Killer, presumably because of the time and place of her disappearance. However in many ways she doesn’t fit the profile: she was younger than any of his other victims and wasn’t a prostitute or a runaway. Only Ridgway himself knows whether or not he was responsible for her disappearance. I wouldn’t be surprised if something else had happened to Kristi, though.