Bhutanese refugees missing in Washington state

I found this article out of Spokane, Washington about three young refugees from Bhutan who have been missing since June 11: Krishna P. Dhakal, age 17, Krisha Lal Dital, age 21, and Dilli Ram Bhattarai, age 28. They were last seen together at a park after playing soccer. Krishna Dhakal and Dilli Bhattarai are cousins; Krishna Dital is a friend.

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, they spent many years in refugee camps in Nepal and then moved to the United States two years ago. Krishna Dakal was a student at Lewis and Clark High School. I found clothing and vehicle descriptions here, and here’s a nice big picture of all three of them.

I’ve had a bit of a fascination with Bhutan ever since I had to do a report on the country in the sixth grade. (And there are just four degrees of separation between me and their current king: I knew a girl at college who knew a girl who went to Oxford with him.) I would love to visit there someday — hopefully after the current “ethnic tensions” and “political unrest” (such mild-sounding euphemisms for such nasty things!) subside.

I really hope these young men are alive and haven’t run into any trouble. The fact that all three disappeared together may be a good sign. I hope they contact their families soon.