MP of the week: Kimberly Blackburn

This week’s featured missing person case is Kimberly Marie Blackburn, a 24-year-old woman who disappeared from in 1983. The last time anyone actually saw her was when she left her parents’ Indianapolis, Indiana home on May 29. On July 17 she called a friend and said she was at a truck stop in Arkansas and was coming home to Indiana. No one ever saw her or heard from her again.

Her life was very high risk, a wreck frankly: drug and alcohol abuse, and a lot of arrests for substance related offenses, prostitution, theft and disorderly conduct. She would often drop out of sight for extended time periods and travel with truckers, but she did keep in at least occasional touch with her family. She had warned her parents that if they hadn’t heard from her by her father’s birthday in October 1983, something was probably wrong.

I don’t think it’s likely she lived long after her disappearance, but it seems like wherever she is, it could be virtually anywhere in the US, or maybe even outside the US. There are some distinguishing characteristics: a coloboma in her right eye, a rose tattoo on her hip and chemical burn scars on her buttocks.

In the unlikely event that Kimberly is still alive, she’d be 62 today.

Another one of those “I hate it when this happens” posts

One of the Indianapolis missing persons cases they’ve put up on their new website (and all the links are still broken, btw) is Kimberly Blackburn. Kimberly is also listed on NamUs.

The Indianapolis PD gives a date of disappearance as April 11, 1983. The NamUs date of disappearance is more than six weeks later, on May 29, 1983. But in the “circumstances” section it says she disappeared in JUNE 1983.


That’s three different dates of disappearance, people. Make up your minds; you’re making my job even more difficult than it already is.

Given these discrepancies I don’t feel comfortable posting her case, until the dates get worked out. More’s the pity.