Katherine May Wilson’s killer sentenced

Barry Vincent Manion, the killer of Katherine May Wilson, whom I referenced in this post, has pleaded guilty. He’s been sentenced to life in prison. He will be eligible for parole in ten years, but he is 61 years old now and perhaps he will be dead by then.

Manion made a full confession, saying he strangled Katherine after he wanted to have sex with her and she resisted and ran away. He’s lead police to a place where he says he disposed of the body, but due to inclement weather they haven’t begun searching yet. They may not find it. After thirty-eight years there may be very little left to find. But at least Manion’s going to prison, and Katherine’s family can have a little closure.

Murder charges in 1970 disappearance

This is the first I’ve heard of this: a man has been charged with murder in the 1970 disappearance of twelve-year-old Katherine May Wilson from Ontario. She’s not a Charley case of course, being Canadian, but she’s on the Doe Network. Apparently they expect the suspect to plead guilty. He was Katherine’s second cousin.

Many people still don’t believe you can prove murder without a body, but bodyless homicides are coming to court on practically a weekly basis nowadays. I have a whole list of them on Charley. I hope the suspect can lead police to Katherine’s body.