Murder charges in Naum Rafael Mendez’s case

Juan Carlos Atenco-Camacho has been charged with murdering 33-year-old Naum Rafael Mendez, a gay transvestite waiter who disappeared from Boca Raton, Florida in February 2008. I found two articles about this and I’m not real clear as to whether the body has been found; one article just says Atenco-Camacho lead the cops to the body; another says he lead them to the dump site and the police hadn’t found the body yet but they were looking.

In any case, Atenco-Camacho sounds like a real prince. He claims he’s straight, but he’d had sex with Mendez a few times. He is also married. He has a young son with his wife, and was keeping a teenage mistress on the side. The girl, who was 14 when she started dating Atenco-Camacho, was 16 and pregnant with his child when Mendez disappeared. Oh, and he’s a “habitual traffic offender.” Apparently Mendez confessed to Atenco-Camacho that he was in love with him and begged him to leave his wife, and they got into an argument and Atenco-Camacho stabbed him to death and dumped the body.

When people try to juggle multiple romantic relationships it often ends in tragedy.