Jovanna Crawford article

I found this article about Jovanna Stacey Crawford, who’s been missing from Bridgeport, Connecticut since June 5, 1981. (That’s the same Bridgeport where Carlina White was raised after her abduction. Doubt that has anything to do with it, though.) As far as I know, this is the first time Jovanna has been in the news in many years. There have been no new developments in her case, but it’s been close to thirty years now and the police are appealing the public for tips.

Jovanna’s mother’s boyfriend, Ronald Garrett, says a young boy he didn’t know came by the house and said Jovanna’s grandparents had sent him to pick her up. Garrett gave Jovanna to the boy and that was the last anyone saw of her. So went his story, but the boy was never identified and there’s no evidence that he even existed. Garrett was convicted of felony risk of injury to a minor in connection with Jovanna’s disappearance. He served a year in prison, but never changed his story.

Jovanna was only 19 months old when she disappeared. Assuming Garrett didn’t kill her, she may very well be still alive with some other family, like Carlina. The NCMEC made two APs for her in 2009 — with different hairstyles, and one with her mouth open, one with it closed.