A new MP of the week, and resolves

Today’s missing person of the week is Kristal Forrest, a 64-year-old woman who disappeared under suspicious circumstances from Prescott, Arizona in 2009. Someone else turned up driving her car; he had a lot of her other stuff as well. He’s serving a prison term on unrelated charges, but the cops haven’t been able to prove any wrongdoing in Kristal’s disappearance.

There are several cases I need to resolve/remove, but I haven’t done it yet cause I’m lazy.

Joshua Bullock‘s body has been identified; it was found in a shallow grave last month. There was never much doubt as to who the dead person was but I waited anyway. The actual killer is dead, killed in a shootout in June. However, another person has been charged as an accessory; she helped dispose of the body.

Gonzalo De La Cruz, who ran away from Georgia at the age of 16 in 2008, has been found safe. So has Dinora Fabian-Escobar, a runaway from Florida, who was also 16 when she disappeared in 2010.

Angela Dixiano‘s husband, who’d been charged with her murder, has taken a plea and lead the cops to her body. This actually happened in May but I didn’t find out till now.

I’ll get to ’em next update. Or something.