According to this Facebook page, Joseph Osell Frazier has been “recovered.” The posting that says this is about a week old and I can’t find any corroboration for it. He’s still on NCMEC. If he was in fact recovered I’m assuming we’re talking about his body being recovered, since this was almost certainly a drowning.

[UPDATE: Hmm, it looks like the Facebook post about Joseph being found has been deleted. There is a registered sex offender (rapist) in the state that’s got the exact same name as Joseph, is the same race and about the same age; maybe they saw the listing and thought it was the missing boy? It’s not though.]

More details on the Joseph Frazier case

One of the teeming millions sent in an article for me about the 2007 disappearance of seventeen-year-old Joseph Frazier, about which I had previously known nothing. The article doesn’t name him, but who else could it be?

According to KOMO News, Joseph stole a car and jumped into the river to get away from the cops who were chasing him, and it looks like he never came out.

“He kept swimming down into the middle of the river and then they saw him go under water. They didn’t see him come back up but we don’t know that he didn’t,” said Myklebust.

Divers spent hours looking for the teen. Officials said the river is cold and full of submerged snags.

“It’s cold, it’s fast. It’s very murky so visibility isn’t good,” said Battalion Chief Dave Ewing with the Tukwila Fire Department. “With this river, there’s a lot of logs and other debris in the river that could have caught a person, and we’ll be starting to look in those areas.”

Considering the dangers, police are actually hopeful the teen slipped through their fingers.

Alas, after two and a half years, that doesn’t seem too likely.