YouTube Saturday: I am just on fire this week

Gotcher vids, hot and fresh: eleven of them to be exact, covering sixteen MPs. In chronological order:

Alfred James Grimes and Sammy Lloyd Jackson, 1968

Barbara Aurora Burhans, Carmen Garcia and Diego Garcia, 1982

Jasmine Kirlissa Collins and Melissa Ann Collins, 1991

Keith Chau and Ai Wei Kaung, 1995

Ruben David Felix, 1997

Yim Yeung Tsui, 1998

Yamaira Vivian Montes-Gonzalez, 2000

Sonya Lynn Bradley, 2002

Yaroslav Victorovich Iventyev, 2003

Joey Lynn Offutt, 2007

Marizela C. Perez, 2011

Article about Joey Offutt

I found this anniversary article about Joey Offutt, who’s been missing since early July 2007. She disappeared under bizarre circumstances. She was a single parent of three children; one of them was a six-week-old baby, one was a toddler and one was school-age.

On July 12, Joey’s house was set on fire in the middle of the night. When the fire department arrived and put out the fire, they found the body of Joey’s baby boy in the bathtub. He had been dead since before the fire started but no cause of death could be established. Joey’s older children were fortunately staying with relatives at the time. Joey was last seen on July 4, that is to say, over a week before the fire started.

I haven’t seen a lot of press attention about this, and the police seem to be keeping whatever they know to themselves. I haven’t heard any serious suggestions that Joey was the one who killed her son, set the fire and ran off. Her family believes she was probably kidnapped. They described her as a religious woman and a devoted parent who wouldn’t have abandoned her family.

I really hope this case is solved sooner rather than later. It is, after all, probably a double homicide.