Here’s another thought

Referencing my last blog entry about the Ruben Gallegos “assault” (murder): Jenaro Torres, the man who did it, was a police officer. Which makes his crime all the more heinous in my opinion, for obvious reasons. Cops, being sworn to uphold the law and protect the rest of us, should be better than that.

Whaddaya think about a law imposing harsher sentences on acting police officers who commit crimes? Torres got ten years in prison, plus half that time again for using a gun. What about adding years because he was a cop? Or maybe the death penalty for police officers who commit murder? (Lookin’ at you, Drew Peterson.)

Discuss in the comments section.

This is a new one

As Charley Project viewers know, I’ve got three MWAB lists: convictions, acquittals, and trial pending/I don’t know the outcome. Well, I don’t know where to put Ruben Gallegos now.

Ruben disappeared from Hawaii in 1992, at the age of nineteen. Jenaro Torres (a cop, disgustingly enough) was convicted of his murder in 2007, but the conviction got overturned on appeal in 2009. So he got moved from “convictions” back to my “trial pending” list. Well, Torres just reached a plea agreement with prosecutors: no contest to first-degree assault. Sentence: ten years in prison, plus five for using a gun in commission of the crime. He must serve at least five years. (Needless to say, the community is outraged, or at least the commenters on this article are.)

A no contest plea is pretty much the same as a guilty plea, and normally I return this on the convictions list. But, well, he wasn’t convicted of murder, he was convicted of assault. You could make the argument that it belongs on the acquittals list instead.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever encountered this problem before. If I did, I don’t remember what I decided. Thoughts, anyone?

Or maybe it doesn’t matter to anyone but me?