Open letter to the Colonial Heights Police Department

Dear Colonial Heights Police Department,

I am mad at you! Ever since Jane Puckett was found alive I’ve been rabidly curious to find out what happened to her. No one would give me any information; they said I had to wait for the upcoming press release. You PROMISED you would issue a press release “next week.” Well, next week was last week, and I checked your website every day and Googled Jane’s name every day and…no press release.

I am seriously disappointed in you. I’m sure my blog readers also want to know more about the Puckett case.

Meaghan Good

Even happier recovery! (I think)

The NCMEC reports that Jane Louise Puckett, a 16-year-old girl missing from Petersburg, Virginia since 1977, has been found safe. Her case was listed as a non-family abduction, too. I had assumed she was dead.

I can’t find any news articles on this and I am, I confess, a bit suspicious. The NCMEC has mistakenly listed still-missing people as recovered before. But here’s to hoping this is the real deal. If it is, it’s truly amazing!