Another (slightly late) anniversary

Jamie Michelle Fraley was missing for three years on April 8.

Included in her casefile is the story of how the prime suspect in her disappearance met his death. Normally I would think it too far removed to be included, but the story was so wonderful I couldn’t resist. The guy was an abusive, violent stalker type. He climbed into his ex-girlfriend’s car’s trunk, apparently with the intent of ambushing her, but he got stuck in there and died of heat stroke. Impaled on his own sword, so to speak. And his ex-girlfriend drove around for several days without realizing he was in the trunk.

I reckon she must have freaked when she found him. I mean, anyone would freak to find a mysterious dead body in the trunk, but imagine her call to the cops: “My ex-boyfriend’s, um, dead body is in the trunk of my car. And I have no idea how it got there. Honest…”

Unfortunately, whatever he knew about Jamie’s disappearance, he took to the grave with him.