Articles about Gillian Jamieson and Susan Balken

I found a whole bunch of articles about Gillian Janine Jamieson and Deborah Susan Balken, who disappeared together from Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia on July 12, 1980. They were both 20-year-old trainee nurses from Sydney. The women were declared legally dead in 2006, but their cases remain unsolved.

The serial killer Ivan Milat is a suspect in their disappearances. He was convicted of seven murders, but the cops are looking at him also for 16 more murders and 46 unsolved disappearances. In the unlikely event that he actually did all of those, it would make Milat a murderer of Bundy-like proportions.

Phil Denmeade, a former police officer who is now a charter boat captain, has gotten obsessed with cracking the case and convinced the authorities to let him meet with and interview Milat in prison a bunch of times. He’s quite sure Milat killed Gillian and Deborah, in large part because Milat was working less than two miles away from where the girls were last seen. But Denmeade’s prison interviews have thus far come to nothing and the prison has revoked his access now.

I will lament again that I wish I had time to cover international cases on Charley. All I can do is blog about them occasionally.

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