Isabeth Yanez

I found this article about Isabeth Yanez, who ran away from her home in Georgia last December. She was twelve. She left with her 20-year-old boyfriend, Simon Quintana Gutierrez, leaving a note asking her parents not to look for them.

The police called the case a runaway, not a kidnapping, and as a result Simon and Isabeth were able to get over the Mexican border without being stopped. They’re presumably still there today. The FBI is now investigating…too little, too late in my opinion. The NCMEC has Isabeth listed as “endangered missing.” That’s a more sensible designation.

I suppose I can understand the police’s reasoning — Isabeth clearly left because she wanted to. She wasn’t taken against he will. But for chrissake people, the kid was TWELVE. In many states, that kind of relationship would result in substantial prison time. And if they had listed her as an abduction victim, her name and Gutierrez’s would have been flagged and they would have been stopped when they tried to Mexico. But she was classified a runaway, and she wasn’t stopped, and now who knows where she’s at and if she’ll ever return. She might have a kid by now for all we know.

Call home, Isabeth, if only to say you’re alive.