Back from Toledo, will do a proper update tomorrow

So this morning I saw a neurologist at the University of Toledo about this incident. The appointment went reasonably well in that the neurologist was very professional and attentive, listened closely, took a lot of notes, etc. The bad news is the neurologist doesn’t know what happened. The good news is, whatever it was, it wasn’t a seizure, because people who are in the midst of a seizure can’t answer other people’s questions using clear, coherent, grammatically correct answers that indicate some kind of thought process is going on (even if those answers don’t make sense). The neurologist did not put me on any medicine or schedule another appointment for me to see her. She says what happened doesn’t seem to fit any diagnosis she can think of.

Best thing then is to eat my veggies (which I have been doing) and hope it never happens again. Chalk it up to “why does this always happen to me?”

Now, regarding those resolves I mentioned. I’ll do a real update tomorrow but in the meantime:

They have found the remains of Nilsa Arizmendi, Melanie Camilini and Daniel Whistnant (aka Janice Roberts). All of them, plus several others, are believed to be the victim of suspected serial killer William Devin Howell. He’s only been convicted of killing Nilsa thus far. All three of the victims vanished in 2003.

They’ve also found the body of Michael “Bradyn” Fuksa, who disappeared from Wheatland, Wyoming in 2009. This is a really sad case; his death was ruled a suicide. He apparently drove from his home in Olathe, Kansas to the middle of nowhere in Wyoming (actually I think the entire state is included in the middle of nowhere), got a flat tire, walked further into the middle of nowhere and shot himself. He was only 22 years old.

And they’ve found the body of Anne Josette Hill, a sixteen-year-old girl who disappeared from Edmond, Oklahoma last April. Two other teenagers have been charged with her murder. There was never much in the way of doubt as to the defendants’ guilt; both have confessed. But I’m glad her body has turned up.

And this is quite late in the day, but they found the body of Misti Whitfield, age 35, who vanished from Tampa, Florida on May 2, 2013. She left behind five children.

On a cheerful note, both Kyanja Vanwey and Alondra Diaz-Garcia have turned up alive and well. Alondra’s recovery made the news, She had been missing almost eight years and Kyanja for nearly ten.

MP of the week: Dawn Allen

This week’s featured missing person is Dawn Marlene Allen, missing from Carroll, Iowa on May 4, 2011. The prime suspect in her disappearance, her married boyfriend (who lied to her and said he was separated from his wife), committed suicide five days later, when the police went to talk to him about Dawn’s disappearance.

The authorities believe her body is in either Iowa or Kansas.

Flashback Friday: Naomi Wilson

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Naomi Wilson, a 32-year-old woman who disappeared from Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1981. I don’t have much on her, other than that she seemed to have a good life without any reason to disappear. She’d just bought her own home and everything. Yet she seems to have vanished into thin air.

The most recent article I could find that talks about Naomi Wilson is from 2013 and it doesn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. I wonder if she has family or friends that are still looking for her.

If Naomi is alive, she’d be 66 today.

Select It Sunday: Sidney Johnston

This case selected by Kat: Sidney Edward Johnston, missing since January 22, 1990 from Davenport, Iowa.

There are strange circumstances involved here, and possible evidence of a struggle at his house, including holes punched in the wall. However, I’m not sure if the holes happened around the time he disappeared, because the casefile mentions him having screaming arguments with two acquaintances at his house in the months before he vanished. (For what it’s worth, both of these people passed polygraphs.)

Johnston, always a frugal man and a loner, had been having financial problems and got into legal trouble before he vanished, and he asked his brother for money. At the same time, though, he uncharacteristically gave away $30k. It’s all very strange.

I haven’t updated his case since I added it to Charley in November 2010. Sidney would be 71 if he’s still alive today, which I suppose he could be. His car did disappear with him and was never located.

Iowa Cold Cases has a detailed file for him. A commenter suggests that the changes in Johnston’s behavior before his disappearance could have been caused by a brain aneurysm. I doubt we’ll ever know.

Flashback Friday: Maurice Kneifl

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Maurice P. Kneifl (and no, I have no idea how to pronounced his surname). Mr. Kneifl vanished from Sioux City, Iowa in 1983, at the age of 58. If still alive, he’ll be ninety in August. But I don’t think he’s still alive.

The police think Kneifl was the victim of a homicide, but they haven’t released any information on a possible motive and I can’t find one from the information I have. He appears to have been a well-liked gentleman, a pillar of his community even. He operated his own business. He used to live in the town of Hartington, Nebraska, an hour away from Sioux City, and got elected mayor there.

So what happened? We may never know. Given as it’s been thirty years, perhaps whoever did it, or whoever knows who did it, has passed on.

Make-a-List Monday: My third set of state capitals

I have done two previous lists of people who disappeared from state capitals — five capitals per list, here and here. Now here’s list another group of five — or four, as you shall see. Three down, seven to go.

Honolulu, Hawaii
Steven William Branston
Aaron Bustamante
Carlos Vicente Carrillo
Keith Michael Garkowski
Kimberly Day Jacobs
Marina Tiffany Kaneda
Gordon Kealoha
Masayuki Kubo
Jie Zhao Li
In Chin McDonald
Ryan Emil James Miller
Lucy T. Pacheco
Curtis Douglas Reich
Earl Roman
Daniel Broje Santiago, Noel Borje Santiago and Victorio Abueg Santiago
Katherine Schmittler
Cristian Avlyn Sedeno
Melchor Tabag
Masumi Watanabe
Marianne Waters
Erik Whaley
Loida Gabon Wideman
Charles D. Wilson
Yorck Kenneth Woita Jr.

Boise, Idaho
Jeramy Carl Burt
Jason Keith Cannon
Kevin McDonald Conlin
Krystyn Rae Dunlap
Louis Edward Flood
Peter Denis O’Brien
Brian Ross Ritchie

Springfield, Illinois
Nobody, zilch, nothing, nada… Michelle Renee Bianco

Indianapolis, Indiana
Edward Ray Adams
Molly Laura Dattilo
Vali Davis
Michael Eckstein
Jason Ellis
Phillip W. Gagen
Monterrio L. Holder
Robert H. Houk
Sarah May Kilgore
Allen Lee Livingston
Jamie Meadows
Scott Michael Morris
Danyel Pauley
Carma Purpura
Bonnie Lee Schultz
Margaret Sherman
Karen Jo Smith
Daniel Daryl Standifer Sr.
Gary L. Stinnett
Michael L. Summers
Mark Tomich
Shannon Rayanne Turner
Vincent Warren

Des Moines, Iowa
Marc James-Warren Allen
Matthew John Ferris
Melissa Dawn Hasley
Jeannie Elizabeth Hernandez
John Johnson
David Marchan
Eugene Wade Martin
Beth A. Ricketts
Christopher Lee Stewart
Kyanja Keri Vanwey

New MP of the week

External circumstances have gotten me feeling really down and generally angry over the past few days, and I don’t feel like updating at the moment. But it’s Tuesday and I have my MP of the week: Kyanja Keri Vanwey, a seventeen-year-old runaway who disappeared from Des Moines, Iowa in September 2005.

For some reason she wasn’t reported missing for close to four months, and as far as I know there haven’t been any leads on her disappearance. In addition to an AP, there are two photos of Kyanja, and she looks totally different in both. I would not recognize her from one photograph if I looked at the other.

Kyanja, if she is alive, would be 24 today.

UPDATE: To all the peeps out there concerned about my well-being, I’m fine. Really. Just angry about something terrible that happened to a good friend of mine, something which doesn’t directly affect me.

Book about Jodi Huisentruit

There’s a new book out about the Jodi Huisentruit case. She was a TV news anchor who was apparently abducted from Iowa in 1995. The case has never been solved. The book, called Dead Air by Beth Bednar, came out in April. I’ll have to read it.

There are actually quite a few books about individual cases that I haven’t read. I know there are books about Khristine Smith, Jana Carpenter-Koklich, etc. And at least two books about the Janet March case. I just haven’t gotten around to them.

Articles about the Huisentruit book:

WJON AM 1240
The Globe and Gazette