Eleven years ago today

Whilst writing updates for the case for Indira Montiero, I realized that today is eleven years to the day since she was last seen in Manhattan, New York. She was 22 years old at the time of her disappearance and seems to have been going places: she had a good job as an accounting clerk, she was enrolled in college studying accounting, and she was thinking of starting a business designing clothes for petite women. One problem, however: she was dating a dirt bag.

Indira’s boyfriend sounds like a real prince. He beat a man to death when he was fourteen and served two years for manslaughter. In his two-year relationship with Indira she filed eleven domestic violence complaints against him and he filed four against her. In spite of this they continued to live together and she repeatedly spent thousands of dollars bailing him out of jail after his numerous arrests — not all of which were related to her; he was also charged with attacking another woman who lived in his apartment complex. Oh, and a few days after Indira’s disappearance he took their one-year-old daughter and abandoned her at the babysitter’s house.

Needless to say, foul play is suspected in Indira’s disappearance.

Someone in the Bronx with the same name as Indira’s boyfriend, and the right age, was convicted of animal cruelty last fall for leaving his Maltese dog in a van while he went swimming. The temperatures outside reached 95 degrees that day and inside the vehicle they climbed to 140 degrees. The dog died, obviously. The guy actually got sentenced to some time in jail, which is unusual for animal cruelty charges. Usually people get off with a fine or probation. I think this is not closely enough connected to Indira’s disappearance to note it in her file, though. I’m not even 100% sure it’s the same guy, though it probably is.

I hope Indira’s daughter, who would now be 12, is being lovingly looked after, preferably by someone other than her father. I don’t think her mother’s coming back.