Make-a-List Monday: Central American MPs

Missing persons who are native to a Central American country — as defined between Guatemala and Panama.

Costa Rica
Nobody (though there are several who are thought to be there, or planned to travel there, or had been there before they went missing)

El Salvador
Sandra Yaneth Aguilar-Granados (I think)
Oscar Giovanni Garcia-Calles
Samuel Esay Garcia-Calles
Katya Marie Lyne
Senovia Medina
Cecilia Elizabeth Newball
Kimberly Abigail Orellana
Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira
Eric Fernando Salguero Franco

Adrian Garcia Najera
Francisco Javier Sanchez
Rolando Schweikert
Romeo Sierra-Portillo

Melvin Eduardo Turcios Cedillo
Juan Ramon Madrid-Bueso
Isabel Rodriguez

Donald Marcelino Alvarez-Vallecillo
Yansis Massiel Juarez
Blanca Elisa Roberson

Tilsia Peralta Martinez

D’you reckon these are the same person?

I’ve been going through the FDLE missing persons database again and trying to find pictures to connect with the names so I can add them to Charley. I found this entry for a Wolther Geovanny Midence Bustillo, missing since 2007. I Googled his name and found this article (in Spanish) from a newspaper in Honduras: a Geovanny Wolther Midence Bustillo was arrested for forging and cashing a check in Tegucigalpa, the capital city, in October 2009.

The Honduras guy would be the same age as the Florida guy, and their names are almost the same, and that can’t be a common name, even in Latin America. For what it’s worth, both of them appear to have brown hair and eyes. And if Mr. Midence Bustillo is in Honduras, that might explain why the police in Florida can’t find him.

What do you think? Same person? Worth phoning in to the cops?