Rosa Lisowski’s husband commits suicide

I just found out that Henry, the husband of missing Rosa Lisowski, killed himself in March. This was shortly after he was convicted of Rosa’s murder. They were in the process of a divorce and Henry apparently killed her to avoid having to pay child support, though he claimed her death was an accident. Before he could be sentenced (he was facing life without parole), Henry ODed on the antidepressants Remeron and Tradozone.

The judge has quite sensibly just agreed to “abate” all court proceedings against Henry on account of the fact that Henry is dead.

I can’t say I’m sorry this waste of oxygen is deceased and California taxpayers will no longer have to pay for his food, housing and medical care. I wonder what the couple’s children think about it all, though, and what they will think later on. Are they glad of it, or is their father’s death just another blow? They are young and were, in any case, essentially orphaned even before Henry kicked it. I hope whoever is looking after them is a good person and I hope they’re getting the therapy and love and support they need.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.