Goldie Thornsberry identified, two arrested

This just in: skeletal remains found in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2000 have been identified as Goldie Thornsberry, a 65-year-old woman missing from Fayetteville, Arkansas since January 1996. Two suspects have been arrested for her murder: her own daughter, Rita Flowers, and Rita’s former husband, Raymond Douglas. They lived with Goldie and have been suspects in her disappearance since March 1996, when investigators discovered they’d forged her name to get access to her bank accounts. They pleaded guilty to the forgeries, but the missing persons case didn’t go anywhere until now.

To hinder identification, Rita and Raymond apparently pulled her teeth and cut off her hands and one leg. No wonder Goldie’s body took so long to identify!

Shame…her own daughter…her own son-in-law… and for nothing but greed.