Cracked features missing people again

In their recent photoplasty, 23 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Nobody Can Explain, Cracked has talked about Charley Project MPs Garnell Moore, Amy Bradley, Zachary Ramsay, Tara Calico, and of course the Sodder children.

Sean Munger does Garnell Moore

Sean Munger, at my request, has written about one of my most compelling cases, Garnell Moore. His case is always one I bring up when telling a new person about the Charley Project. The little kid who was missing for years before anyone noticed. As Sean points out, one can’t truly say Garnell slipped through the cracks in the system. He didn’t fall out of the safety net; he missed the net entirely.

And it’s like he never existed: “A little boy who no one seemed to pay attention to when he was around seems, sadly, to inspire the same sort of indifference now that he is not.”

I think he must be dead. I suppose there’s a remote chance he’s alive and being cared for by someone, perhaps a kind stranger who picked him up — in which case he’s probably better off.

Someone’s got to know something.