Sweet, Werner Lippe was convicted

Werner Lippe has been convicted of murdering his wife, Faith, who’s been missing since October 2008. Werner was a jeweler who had designed pieces for celebrities, and he had quite a lot of money. (Wikipedia says the median income for a family living in their hometown is close to $90,000. That’s like twice the national average.) He and Faith were going to get a divorce, and perhaps he didn’t want to share his wealth. Their own son had to testify against his father at the trial.

I was a bit concerned that Werner might not be convicted, because the previous jury had deadlocked at 7 to 5 for acquittal. But justice was served. He faces 25 years to life in prison.


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Werner Lippe and Dennis Tetso

The trials of Werner Lippe for killing his wife Faith Lippe, and Dennis Tetso for killing his wife Tracey Gardner-Tetso, are still underway. Well, actually, the Tetso trial is over and the jury is on its third day of deliberations. Meanwhile, yesterday and today Werner Lippe took the stand in his own defense. He’s trying to say he was pressured into inventing his confessions — there were three — to Faith’s murder.

I wouldn’t be willing to place a bet on the verdicts in either trial. As a general rule, the longer a jury is out the less likely they are to convict, but it’s only a general rule. As for Werner Lippe, in spite of his three confessions, at his first trial last year the jury deadlocked at 7 to 5 for acquittal.