Woman missing over six years found dead inside her own house

Eunice Lydia Workman (listed as Burwell-Workman on Charley), a 77-year-old California woman, disappeared in December 2002. Just now they’ve found her body buried under a pile of debris inside her own house. Okay, the body hasn’t been officially identified as Eunice’s yet, but whose else could it be?

She apparently was a pack rat and accumulated a whole houseful of crap, and the relatives are only now going through the process of digging it out. Perhaps they wanted to sell the house. I’ve heard of this sort of thing happening before. Most famously, a pair of extremely eccentric recluse brothers in New York City, I think. One of them was blind and pretty much completely disabled. The other took care of him. The able brother was crushed by a pile of their accumulated stuff and the disabled one starved to death with no one to help him. I’ve known people like that, even a certain member of my immediate family, whom I can totally imagine suffocating under a heap of her own stuff someday. It’s so sad. What a way to die.

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