MP of the week on time for once

This week it’s Ernest Vereen, an elderly man who disappeared from South Carolina in 1984. He was forcibly kidnapped from his home and then his family got a ransom demand for $250k. It turned out the abductor was Alvin Owens, who had worked for Ernest as a handyman. He was convicted of kidnapping, and later of murder. It was the first case in South Carolina where they got a murder conviction without a body.

Owens was LWOPed (that is, sentenced to life without parole). Presumably he’s still in prison if he’s alive, but he might be dead now. This 1986 article about the case lists his age as 55, meaning he’d be more than 80 years old now.

Ernest’s body might be buried near the U.S. 17 highway bypass in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In any case, I’m pretty sure he’s not this guy who got arrested in Florida last year.