Feature story on Missouri’s second “missing trio”

The Hannibal Courier-Post has done this three-page story on the 1967 disappearances of Craig Dowell and the brothers Joey and Billy Hoag. Last month was the 45th anniversary of their disappearances.

The three boys are presumed to have become trapped in a cave they were exploring after it collapsed on them, but a search turned up nothing. However, as the article notes, the search might not have been as thorough as it should have been. I suppose there’s always the possibility that they were abducted or something, but I think that’s quite remote.

There’s a book about the case, but from the reviews I don’t know if it’s worth the price tag of almost $16. And my library doesn’t have it — in fact, according to Worldcat, no libraries have it. It seems to me that if an author wants to promote their book they should send some free copies to a bunch of libraries, at least locally. I can’t tell you how many wonderful books I’ve found just randomly browsing shelves.